Friday, June 8, 2012

Just a Note: Two Musical Note Cards

Good Morning,
I have two more cards for the challenge at Yes, Virginia.  This challenge has been fun and my silly brain wouldn't rest until I created two more cards. This morning I awoke way too early! I was thinking about the designs for the following  cards.   In the first card I decided to use rainbow colored embroidery thread and hand stitched the staff lines.  The  notes are punched and the bass clef is hand-cut.  Since my musical ability is limited to just listening, I consulted my son (a young musician) for the correct clef  for a cello and used it because the photo that inspired this was centered around cellos. It turns out I should have asked more questions about musical notes.  After I adhered the notes, my son taught me a bit more about them....oops, too late!  I now know that my placement of the double 8th notes isn't exactly correct.  So, I guess you can say I am expressing my artistic interpretation of  "musical notes" on these cards.  The second card is much more simple and the staff lines are created from cardstock.  I used chalk around the edge of the first card and along the horizontal strips on the second card.
Just a Note Embroidered  Staff Lines

Here are the photos from Yes, Virginia that inspired these cards:
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  1. Wow, Brenda!! Truly awesome! I like the fact that your brain will not let you rest till you make something (LOL)! Too funny! The placements of notes and colors are a spot on! Love both renditions from the inspiration! Thank you so much again for playing with my little challenge!