Monday, October 29, 2012

A Work in Progress

This week on the Authentique Paper Blog the DT members are sharing their amazing craft spaces. The photos of each space show clever and creative ways to store products and offer lots of inspiration. They want to see our craft space so today I am sharing mine.  My Crafty Corner is a small room that is literally in the back corner of my house. The location is one of the best things about my room. I have a huge picture window which lets in lots of natural light and gives the room a bright cheerful feel. The views are fabulous. In the summer, I look out over a meadow of blooming flax that are just the most fantastic intense blue.   (My blog header  above shows the summer meadow.)  The winter view, when there is snow is also pretty gorgeous.  Although the space is small it works well for me.  I try to have a place for everything because I find that I am more creative if my room is organized. But it is a work in progress and I find myself periodically reorganizing.  Recently when I found that my creative juices weren't flowing,  I went through the entire room and reorganized, shifted and purged.  I ended up discovering items I had forgotten about and am now eager to use. Without further ado, here is my craft space: 

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