Sunday, October 14, 2012

A New Direction

Since I learned about the Card Drive for Addison, my crafting days have  taken on a new direction. I have been focusing on creating more cards that would be appealing to children. Most of my cards are geared towards adults, so this was an exciting challenge. This post is a collection of the cards I will be sending to Addison and her sisters. I hope you will consider making a handful of cards to send to this family. For more details click on the info under Addison's photo in my sidebar.


  1. I'm going to take a minute to wipe the tears away....

    Ok, I'm back. First, thank you! Thank you for creating these many cards for Addison and her sisters. They will for sure cheer them up to no end. Second, I scrolled up and down and back up again to admire them. You've really captured the essence of a child's card I think. I love that giraffe! She's my favorite!

    1. Thanks Karen, I was eager to help with this drive. I have a relative with leukemia and know that the road for Addison and her family is a challenging one. I enjoyed making these cards and found that it was a pleasant change, since I normally make cards for older recipients. I have a lot of experience working with children and pulled from that experience as I created the cards. Thanks for visiting my blog and for all your comments.