Thursday, November 13, 2014

Santa Card

I've created yet another Christmas card. If you follow my blog regularly, you know that I create a lot of Christmas cards. I love to make them! Each year my family sends out around sixty cards. Of course, I have way more then 60 created, but there's always next year and the year after I just keep on creating them.

This card is my version of a Santa suit. I embossed white cardstock and then cut it into the shape of a beard. I layered it over red cardstock and used more white cardstock to represent the fir that lines Santa's suit.  I added a black belt and a gold buckle to finish the suit. I tried to make the belt look more realistic by punching holes in it. When I began creating it, I had intended on using black eyelets, but I didn't have enough. Instead I used black embossing powder and heat embossed them. I am sharing a close-up of the belt so you can see the detail. It's hard to see it in the larger photo.

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