Thursday, November 27, 2014

Candy Cane Candle Holder

Can you believe it? I've created yet another Christmas card. Last night my family and I selected the cards that we will be mailing to friends and family in the next few weeks and set them aside. We had around 130 to choose from this year! Since I have a huge pile remaining, we've decided that the remaining cards will be donated.  Of course, this means that I can start creating more cards for next year! Yippee!

Today's card was inspired by the clever challenge at Jingle Belles.  Steph and Lauren from Jingle Belles are challenging us to use a Christmas food item in our creations. I decided to keep this card simple and reached for some red and white paper clips. I cut them apart to create two candy canes and then used the canes to create a holder for a candle. I hand-cut the candle from red cardstock and adhered it with dimensional tape and added layers of cardstock beneath it. My husband has already decided that this card is one we will keep. He likes that it is clean and simple.

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  1. Love the punched borders and traditional holiday colors ... so glad you joined our Christmas Feast at Jingle Belles.

  2. oh my gosh! those are PAPERCLIPS!!! only you could think of that, missus! only ♥YOU♥!!! love this to bits, i can totally see why it's the man's fave. altho with all 130 in one place i bet it was A LOT harder for him to choose!!! so pleased you could join our "xmas feast" at JINGLE BELLES! ♥♥♥