Saturday, April 21, 2012

Poppy card...Lily Pad Challenge

Today's inspiration came from Virginia's View @  Virginia shares a beautiful photo of poppies that I found very inspiring.  So, I set to work making 3d poppy flowers for a card.  I created them from scraps of red cardstock from my stash.  After cutting out the petal shapes, I used Page Craft Chanti red pigment ink to ink around the edges (that doesn't really show too well in the photo). I then cut a slit in the bottom center, of each petal and folded the petals accordion style to give them some dimension and texture.  I pulled the slit sections together at the base of the petal to form a "cup shape" petal.   I glued three of these petals together in a circle, closing the cup shape.  Afterwards, I glued the remaining petals around this cup shape.  The centers of each poppy are yellow-orange and were made from small circles that I snipped along the outside edge cutting towards the center of the circle.  I also inked around the edge of these with the Page Craft Chanti red pigment ink.  I curled the narrow strips under by wrapping them around a skewer and glued them to the center of the poppies adding a small red circle made the same way.  I cut the leaves from scraps of green paper and inked around the edges.  As I inked the  around the edges (Anna Griffin green ink), I did this on the front my 6"x6" white card, leaving leaf images on the white cardstock.  Using the same green ink, I inked around the outer edge of the card.  I used a green colored pencil to add a vein line in each leaf and creased the leave along the vein line and glued them around the poppies.  I adhered the poppies to the card base and added narrow strips of red cardstock in each corner.  I decided not to use the dark center normally seen on a poppy because I loved the combination of the yellow-orange and the red cardstock.  I had a great time creating these flowers....Thanks for the inspiration Virginia!

             This is a close up of the poppy.

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