Sunday, February 25, 2018

Sailboat Birthday Card

I was puttering around this morning, trying to clean up a bit in my craft room and came across the patterned papers that I used for this card. As I put the papers aside, I found myself picking them back up throughout the "clean up". Since I was really drawn to them, I put a hold on the clean up process and reached for these papers again and created this card.  I ended up layering vertical gray strips over the plaid paper at the bottom of the card and separated the patterned papers with a space covered with vellum.  Because I had included a sailboat, my husband suggested that I use a blue paper instead of the vellum (thinking that the blue would represent water) but I couldn't bring myself to add another color. Now I need to finish cleaning up. I love that I was distracted long enough to create the card, but I really do want to get the craft room a bit more organized. 

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