Sunday, February 4, 2018

3 Cards with Trees

I have spent much of my free time this week trying to be creative.  Truthfully, if I don't keep busy when I come home from work in the evening, it seems like the minute I sit down my eyes start to droop and the next thing I know I am sound asleep.  It would be fine to snooze but often my snoozes get so lengthy that by the time I crawl into bed, my body thinks it's had enough sleep by 1:00 a.m and I am wide awake.  So this past week, I have tried to stay awake later each evening to see if I can start sleeping through the night. I think it might be working.

 As I said, I am trying to be creative instead of snoozing so the three cards above are responsible for keeping me awake and encouraging a better night's sleep.  Each card has a Christmas tree, but each tree is different from the others. The first tree was created with glitter glue. I simply drew stars on white cardstock, let it dry, then brushed it with green chalk. The second tree is made with bits of ribbon and the third tree is handcut from green cardstock. I used chalk to create the branches. 

Hope you have had a crafty week as well! Thanks for stopping by.

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