Sunday, March 6, 2016

Cascade Card

What's the weather like where you live? During the past few days the weather here has been so very mild. We are enjoying spring-like temperatures and it has given my husband and I the chance to do some yard work around our home. We purchased our home and the 1.78 acres it sits on in early December (2015).  After painting just about every room, updating light fixtures, outlet covers, hardware, and many more projects, we moved in and have settled in quite nicely. The house is 35 years old so there is a long list of indoor and outdoor projects that need to be completed.  We've been working our way through the list, but with the weather being so pleasant, we decided to take advantage of it and take care of a bit of the yard work. Most people take care of leaves in the fall, but the previous home owners were unable to take care of the yard work due to health issues.  So my husband and I are tackling the leaves now.  It seems like it is a never ending process. We have raked pile after pile of leaves and have begun a massive compost pile. Each day we come back into the house exhausted, but it has been wonderful to spend the time together and to enjoy the warmer temperatures. We are making progress on our long yard work list. After relaxing and getting re-energized, I reward myself by heading to my craft studio to spend some time creating.

Once I was re-energized this afternoon,  I created this cascade card. I haven't made one in years, so I had to review tutorials on the internet. They are really quite simple to make once the cardstock is cut and scored.  I started with a white cardbase and ended up adhering patterned paper to portions of it. I think the patterned paper improves the overall card and gives the card more depth. My handcut flowers ended up being bigger than I had intended, but in the end, I decided I that they would have to work because I didn't have the ambition to adjust them.

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