Monday, September 1, 2014

More Gold!

This is yet another card created for the GOLD theme at Jingle BellesLisa Hausmann of Reckinghausen Musings is a special guest at Jingle Belles and has suggested GOLD as a theme. I created this card with three different gold products. First, I used some gold bling on a roll. It came in a single strand so I cut various lengths and adhered them in the shape of a tree. Then I wrapped a piece of white cardstock with gold embroidery thread, attached the tree and layered this onto green cardstock, then gold paper.  To finish I added a gold border around the outer edge of the card.


  1. You are just too stinkin' creative ... such a fabulous way to create a golden holiday tree ... love it!

  2. holy WOW!!! ok, so, i didn't think you could beat the brad tree for innovation and awesomeness... but i was soooooooooo wrong! need, need, neeeeeeeeeed to make me one o'these RIGHT NOW! (yowza, missus, you are soooooooo rockin' the GOLD!)