Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Cork Tree

This is my second card for the recycling, up-cycling challenge at Jingle Belles. For this card, I carefully sliced a wine cork and adhered the slices to a piece of red cardstock in the shape a tree.  I used Styrofoam for the snowflake/hail. It was from the packaging in a box. You know those tiny balls of Styrofoam that always cling to everything when you unpack a box. I had those tiny bits clinging to me earlier today and decided to put them to use. For additional snow, I recycled a wet one or clean wipe. I had used it to clean some chalk off my desk top. Once it had dried, there was still a fair amount of clean white space left on it, so I tore it to use as the snow at the base of the tree.

Thanks for the fun challenge, Lauren & Steph!

Supplies: wine cork, used clean wipe, Styrofoam packaging, Queen & Co Gems, Scotch Quick Dry Adhesive, Scotch ATG, Bazzill & Recollections cardstock, Cardbase: Recollections.


  1. Wine cork Christmas tree ... Styrofoam Snowflakes ... brilliant my dear ... true Earth Day brilliance.

  2. sorry to be distracted from this amazingly lovely and unique creation, but i'm just trying to imagine how much lauren-klutz-based hijinks could be contained in the phrase, "carefully sliced a wine cork"!!! yeah. pretty sure i will *NEVER* be allowed to try that one, but i can only marvel at both your skill AND creativity! (baby wipe snow??!?!?!? AWESOME!)