Saturday, March 29, 2014

Lighthouse Photo Album

Last month I was visiting Anne's Paper Creations and discovered her fabulous lighthouse made with Graphic 45 papers. You can visit her blog here for a picture of her lighthouse and to watch a video of her creative process. Although she hasn't posted instructions or a how to video, if enough people are interested she might do it. Her videos are always fabulous and she shares the most incredible projects on her blog!  Anyway, my creative mind just wouldn't let go of this clever idea and I just couldn't wait for a how to video.  I used foam core for the lighthouse shape and made the album pages from cardstock and patterned papers. I don't know the source of the patterned papers as I have a collection of open stock scrapbooking paper that I purchased at a garage sale. The album pages fold up into the center of the lighthouse and can be tucked away. They swing down because they are threaded onto a wooden rod that is attached to the back and front of the lighthouse. (Go to Anne's blog, she shows this step really clearly.)  As I was trying to come up with a way to add an electric light to the top, my son came to the rescue. He discovered a battery operated light that fit perfectly in my "glass" enclosure. The top of the lighthouse lifts up so the light is accessible.  For the rocks, I borrowed a few pumice like stones from the landscaping around my house and hot glued them to a wooded base that I painted black.  This was a super fun project and I am so glad I gave it a try. Now my mind can focus on other creative projects. Since one of my sister's has a birthday next week and she is obsessed with lighthouses, I finished it then sent it off to her for her birthday. She should be pretty surprised, as we normally don't send each other birthday gifts. (I bet you're thinking that I have ruined the surprise by posting about it here....nope, she doesn't read blogs, so I am safe.)

Thanks for stopping by and taking a peek! I hope you'll also visit Anne's Paper Creations and enjoy her projects as much as I do. 


  1. Your lighthouse turned out so gorgeous! I am so happy you found my lighthouse inspiring :-)
    Hugs, Anne

  2. Brenda, I love your lighthouse project. I too saw Anne's and fell in love with it. Anne mentioned that since she has such trouble with writing that she would not be making a tutorial. Would you consider selling to me the instructions on how to make the lighthouse? My Mom and BFF both love them and I so want to make them one. I looked at The Gentleman Crafters lighthouse, and though it is nice, it's just not the look I want.He is charging $12.00 for his instructions. Grant it I could probably sit down and figure it out but it would be so much easier to pay you for the instructions. Please consider and let me know. I would really appreciate it!!! Thanks!! Carol

    1. Carol, thanks for stopping by my blog. Regrettably, I did not write anything down when I created my version of Anne's lighthouse otherwise I would have been happy to give you a copy of my notes and pattern. I watched Anne's video and then created my version by looking closely at her details