Monday, October 28, 2013

Santa's Suit

If you follow my blog, you probably noticed that I participating in fewer challenges and am posting less often lately. My NEW job is the culprit. It is so totally different than any job I've ever done and there is a huge learning curve for me. I think it will be a fun job once I learn all the intricacies and have an opportunity to practice what I'm learning, but the truth is, I come home exhausted and just don't have the energy to craft. I am currently traveling a few hours a day for training and it takes its tole. So, I am hoping that I can get into my studio on the weekends and play catch up. After spending 5 days a week in an office setting, I am also eager to be on the move.  There is a lot of sitting behind a desk in the new job, which I am not used to. So in addition to crafting, I am also eager to be on the move on the weekends and really need to take advantage of the pleasant fall weather while I can. We've already had four snow storms since the beginning of October and I am eager to be on the move and spend time outside hiking, biking etc. So before the sun had a chance to rise this morning, I spent a few moments putting together another Christmas card. I've already made enough Christmas cards to send out this year, so I guess this one will be for NEXT YEAR!
I used a recycled Santa image from an old Christmas card to represent the buckle on the belt. I cut the image into an oval shape, stitched around it with embroidery thread then matted it on black than silver cardstock. 

Cardstock: Recollections, Brads, Recycled Santa image, Polyfil, Scotch Quick Dry Adhesive and Scotch ATG, DMC Embroidery thread

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